Care For Your Plants In 4 Easy Steps

Care For Your Plants In 4 Easy Steps

1 - Watering

Every garden should have a watering system or can. To ensure appropriate watering, it is recommended that you get the one with a narrow spout. However, this isn't always the case, thus the finger test may be useful. Insert your index finger into the earth up to the first joint. If the soil appears to be damp, do not water it. Otherwise, proceed.

2. Providing nourishment

Foliage plants must always have a high nitrogen content. K2O, on the other hand, is required for flowering plants. Fertilizers, such as slow-release fertilisers, can be combined with compost. Cacti and orchids, on the other hand, require particular feeding. Plants should be fed while they are at the peak of their active growth.

3. Illumination

Sanseveria and Aspidistra, for example, do not require any shade. They can be placed in a location that is not near a window. Semi-shade is required for spider plants. Plants like this can be placed near a window that receives or does not receive sunlight. Cheeseplants, for example, require either direct sunlight or no sunlight at all.

4. Temperature

Houseplants can withstand temperatures between 15 and 250 degrees Celsius (55 and 750 degrees Fahrenheit). However, extreme temperature changes may be harmful to them.

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