Keys To Keeping Your House Plants Alive

Keys To Keeping Your House Plants Alive

Packing Peanuts

To keep the roots of your plants from drowning or rotting, your soil must be properly drained. Furthermore, you must be able to pick up the planter without injuring your back.

Fill the bottom half of your planter with packing peanuts as a solution. It will cut the weight in half while improving drainage.

Eggshell water

There's no need to lug a heavy bag of plant fertiliser home. Increase the calcium and potassium levels in your plants with this homemade fertiliser made by combining eggshells and water in an empty container.


Plants, like you, require haircuts to stay healthy and look their best

Water and light

Every plant requires a specific amount of water and sunlight, and this helpful guide breaks down the requirements of common house plants.

Coffee Filters

Coffee filters are an indoor garden game changer. They keep the soil in place but let water drain through, so you have no messes, just healthy plants.

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