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Compact Pod-less Smart Planter

Compact Pod-less Smart Planter

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  • Intelligent chip control, automatic simulation of natural environment lighting, water transfer printing on the product body, and enhanced lens for lighting to reduce the growth cycle of plants.
  • Retractable light pole, the height can be adjusted at will, and can be adjusted to 180°.
  • With temperature display, low water level prompt, no need to open the planting tank for water shortage.
  • 21 LED lamp beads (7 blue/7 red/7 white) 5500K color temperature close to sunlight color temperature Typ-C interface.

1. Click the grow light once to turn on the red light. Click it a second time to turn on the blue light. Click it a third time to turn on the red and blue lights. Click it the fourth time to turn on all the color lights. Click it the 5th time to turn all color lights off. (16 hours work + 8 hours sleep)
2. Blue and red lights are growth lights. Blue light can promote the growth of stems and leaves, and red light is conducive to the growth of flowers and fruits. (16 hours work + 8 hours sleep)


In the process of planting this plant light, in order to avoid unsuccessful planting or unsatisfactory planting effect due to improper use, please follow the following reminders and answers:
1. Fertilizer/water injection hole: change every 2-3 weeks
2. Pay attention to water shortage: according to the growth habit of plants, timely supplement the plants with appropriate water
3. Applicable plants: all plants
4. Nutrient solution: This product is not suitable for use in nutrient solution and seeds, please buy it by yourself and follow the instructions of the nutrient solution
5. Planting method: The suitable hydroponic or soil cultivation method can be selected according to the growth habit of the plant
6. Try to keep the environment ventilated and keep the temperature of most plants in the environment within 30 degrees
7. Make sure that the product is used in a normal environment
8. Do not knock when the product is working
9. This product has no waterproof function, no water
10. The seed germination stage has high requirements on the environment, such as seed quality, ambient temperature, humidity and nutrients in the planting medium. These factors will affect the success rate of seedlings, so stage emergence is best done under the guidance of professional companies or personnel. Suggestion: Buying seedlings for transplanting can make the success rate higher.

Product Name: Smart Hydroponic Planter
Material: ABS/aluminum hardware
Product size: 302.2*118*452.5MM
Color box size: 372*120.5*144MM
Gross weight: 980g
Product color: wood grain
Battery capacity: none
Product parameters:
Input voltage: DC5V1a
Working current: 500-1500MA
Rated power: 4W
Lighting angle: 120℃
Standby current: 30UA
Red wavelength: 640-660nm
Blue wavelength: 460-470nm
Light temperature: 5500±500K
Number of LEDs: 7 red/7 blue/7 white
Operating Environment: Temperature: -25°C to 45°C, Humidity: 10%RH to 90%RH
Within the product distribution: flowerpot assembly shell*1, light pole*1, Typ-C charging cable*1, adapter*1, instruction manual*1, certificate*1, vermiculite*1

Please understand that color deviation may vary due to different monitor settings.
Due to manual measurement, there will be some errors, which is a normal phenomenon.
If you encounter problems, please notify us as soon as possible, we will give you the best service and solve the problem as soon as possible. thank you.

Type: Nursery Pots


Set Type: NO

Model Number: Nursery Pots

Material: ABS/aluminum hardware

Material: Plant Fiber

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Care Instructions

• Remove the telescopic pole, using a Philips screwdriver.

• Once the soil/ growing media is removed, force tap water through refill holes and pour out through other end.

• Repeat the above step, till all the particles are washed out.

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Intelligent Chip

Intelligent chip control, automatic simulation of natural environment lighting, water transfer printing on the product body, and enhanced lens for lighting to reduce the growth cycle of plants

LED Display

With temperature display, low water level prompt, no need to open the planting tank for water shortage.

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1)What kinds of plants can I grow?

It will helps you grow most ornamental plants such as pilia and lavender, succulents, many edible herbs like basil and mint, and even some fruits and veggies like cherry tomato, chilli peppers

2)What LEDs does it use? How many? What power?

These uses 4 horticultural LEDs from OSRAM of 3 varying wavelengths (white, red and blue). This provides complete autonomy from the sun. Pico can be powered by any USB charger output from 5V 1A and above.

3)How big can the plants in grow sponge get?

The space between grow sponge’s lower half and the grow light module at its fully extended height is 22cm or 8.5’’. This is comparable to seed-pod products in the market.

How does this will give the plants the right amount of water?

Self-watering works with capillary action and it maintains an equilibrium of water saturation. Once plant roots absorb water, the capillary wick transmits the same amount of water upwards from the water reservoir below.

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